As an interior designer, I am devoted to learning how design impacts function.

I implement design principles that produce spaces that are appealing and appropriate. I approach design through the lens of the end-user by considering the processes carried out there. When a design is done well it positively contributes to our behavior and performance.

I aim to be a contributor to inventive atmospheres and an advocate for discerning design.



This Luxury resort hotel project required thorough research of both hospitality and retail design to Careful research and attention were applied to ensure the project met all applicable building codes from occupancy requirements to appropriate commercial-grade finishes.

dragone full.png
daragone full floor plan.png

This restaurant was a part of the luxury hotel design project previously mentioned. The pan Asian themed design consisted of code research and adherence, furniture and finish selection, ceiling plans, restaurant branding concept, and 3d renderings.

                                                 is a pan Asian cultural fusion restaurant where patrons can enjoy an intimate luxury atmosphere along with a meticulously prepared meal. The rich tones and natural stone finishes at the bar are paired with subtle metallic hints that bring to mind the basalt soils of the Kao Ploy Waen volcano in the Chantaburi province of Thailand. The large sculpture serves as a central focal point for the restaurant with a waterfall over the base cascading into a wishing pond.”

dralion restutrant rendered.png

Rendered floor plan

resturant reflected ceiling plan.png

Reflected ceiling plan